Weekend of January 17, 2014

My weekend was so fun. It started on Friday January 17, 2014. It was filled with great things like seeing Savi, horseback riding, going to the apple store in UTC , dancing, going to the zoo, going to  Mount Soledad, and SeaWorld.

On Friday, my friend Savi came over to my house. In fact, she did tap, contemporary, ballet and hip hop for me. I liked it so much.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout. Then we drove to UTC because my iPad didn’t charge well so when we got there, there was a worker who got the new charger. His name was Jonathan (like my cousin’s name) and he was super friendly. After that, I went over by the fountain and boy, was it beautiful. Then, I went over to the food court and I saw kids taking skating lessons. It was so cool, Tessa, I mean really that cool. Lastly, I went over to this store that had hardware and kitchen stuff for sale and one sink I saw had a cat on top.

Sunday, Chris, my nurse came and we went to the zoo. At the zoo we first headed to the children’s zoo to see a 3d/4d version of the most and popular movie, Rio. I loved it. After that we saw Camp Critter. It went so fast. Then, I looked around the children’s zoo and there were different tables at different locations. One area had bones of animals and the staff told me that one bone was of a bear. Like a fossil bear. Next, I went on the bus tour and there was a baby giraffe. Aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly, I was going to the carousel when Chris said, “Hey, do you want to ride it or go to Mount Soledad?” I said “Mount Soledad.” Chris thought, ”Ok fine…whatever.” So we drove to it and I have been there lots of times. After that I came home and played piano; I played Dream Echoes. Chris warmed up before she played Mahaska and a rag called the Western Rag I think.

Monday, I went to SeaWorld with Arlie. I saw part of the sea lion show. It was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the rides, sky ride, Wild Artic, and Riptide Rescue. I also saw Blue Horizons where the sea meets the sky. Another show we went to was Pets Rule (in fact in Florida they have a SeaWorld too and their show is called “Pets Ahoy”.)

My favorite part of the weekend was SeaWorld because it was a fun and amazing visit. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all really awesome! Overall, my weekend was the best weekend ever! In 2 days, I am going on a long plane ride to Florida to visit my grandma and grandpa for the weekend. It will be nice. In Florida, I want to either go to a different SeaWorld or go to a museum. I want to do one of these things because you know what? It will be a fun trip.


Feeling shy with Shamu




2 thoughts on “Weekend of January 17, 2014

  1. Susan says:

    Casey i’m glad you enjoyed the movie Rio. It is very authentic and that show it to all my students in the Brazilian culture class

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