Weekend of January 10, 2014

My weekend was so fantastic. It was filled with fun things and some of the things I did were see Bonnie, Savi, go to a Bar Mitzvah, go  horseback riding, go to friendship circle, and watch football.

On Friday, I saw Bonnie in La Jolla. We read a story about a boy who wants to buy some shoes. Then I saw Savi, my friend. She came over to my house you know, and I talked to her about how we had fun at the western friendship circle event last Sunday.  Suddenly, my iPad died so Savi did tap for me. I thought, “Man is she good or what?”

Saturday, I went to my friend Samantha’s brother, Evan’s Bar Mitzvah near the UTC mall with Rick and Lisa.  They had people in front of our seats that played music to accompany the singing. One guy, who played piano, was awesome. I loved his attitude and it was so good, that he even reminded me of Raul Di Blasio, another pianist I love. After the service, it was time for lunch.  Luckily, I saw my friends Samantha, Zoe, Bernie, and Hannah at the Bat Mitzvah. Then I went horseback riding on Scout in the afternoon, and not in the morning. Then I came home. In the evening, I saw The Lawrence Welk show on TV.

Sunday, Chris [nurse] came and we went to friendship circle. First we did yoga, then the kids split up and our group went to art and the other group went to music. In art, I drew a beautiful painting of when I was catching butterflies. In music, we sang songs about Tusibot [Tu B’Shevat], the next holiday which is about the trees. One song, we did was a game when one kid was in the middle of the circle and when the kid in the middle sat, everyone played their instrument quietly and when they started to stand up and grow (like a flower) everyone banged louder fortissimo so it was a crescendo. WOW THAT’S LOUD!!!!  Then an adult told a story about a man who was poor and wanted money. When I got home, Chris and I played piano.  I played the Valentine Masparade and Chris played some of Yarni’s music and Debussy’s Arabesque and Clair de Lune. Then I wanted to play Clue so we did and it was not the real game but it was a travel game. After, she read part of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Then I found a cd of it and when I put it in my DVD player, it read to me. I loved it so much. Lastly, when Chris went home, I watched football with my dad and it wasn’t good because Chargers were sleeping in the first half but in the second half they were doing great because they got 2 touchdowns. Wow! So I thought “hmm this is boring maybe l will play on my iPad.” So I did while my dad (feeling unlucky) saw the rest of the game and we LOST…SO WE ARE OUT! “Oh no! “I thought. I was extremely sad that I cried. I did that for a while.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Chargers because I liked when they got a touchdown. My least favorite part was the Chargers because they lost. Overall, my weekend was great because I did some things that were like a fantasy. Next weekend, I want to either go to Seaport Village, or try to go to a movie in the theaters. I want to do one of these things because boy will it be fun to try to actually go to a live movie instead of renting one?

Casey with Savi



2 thoughts on “Weekend of January 10, 2014

  1. Casey, I can’t help but smile when reading this post. I can’t believe how many fun and exciting things you do. Sorry you cried about the football game but it sounds like there were so many great things to overcompensate for that. I love how much excitement for life you have. Love, Aunt Julie

  2. Hi Casey,

    I saw that Chargers game, also, and was about to give up on them when they suddenly woke up in the 4th quarter of the game. I just wished that they had woken up sooner.

    It sounds like you’re keeping very busy, as usual, and that you’re managing to have lots of fun with many different friends. I think a movie in a movie theater sounds like a really good thing to try!

    Your friend, Pat

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