Long Weekend of January 23, 2014

I had a wonderful vacation which started on Thursday and ended on Tuesday. It was filled with awesome things like swimming, going out to eat,  playing at the beach, flying on airplanes, and going to the zoo.

On Thursday, I woke up and with excitement, took a bath before my dad, my grandma, and I went to the airport [to go to Miami]. Now grandma’s back hurt, it was so painful that she needed a wheelchair. Finally, 2 men came with the wheelchairs, (one for me and one for grandma!) So when we got on the plane, next to me was a station of music like a speaker and one station had pop music on the piano like Royals, and Roar, by Katy Perry. Another station had the soundtrack from the Carrie Underwood version of the Sound of Music. I loved that. I used headphones.

Friday, I went to watch my dad swim at the lap pool. Meanwhile, Grandma M and I played Uno, a Spanish card game. Then we came back to the apartment that we stayed at to have lunch. After that, my dad and I went swimming in the pool and it was just right why? Because the ocean was too cold, the Jacuzzi was too hot, but the pool was just right, just like Goldie Locks. In the evening after Sabbath, we went to a restaurant which was across the street.

Sunday, I went to the beach with my dad and the sand was nice. I put the sand into the bucket of water and it was like a lot of jellyfish floating. When we went in the ocean, I didn’t like it. Why? It was too cold. I hated it in fact. When we went in the pool ah! It was perfect. Meanwhile I heard music and I didn’t know where it was coming from I thought, “was it nearby?” Actually, it was straight ahead aha yes! There were some girls who were singing just for fun and I took pictures with them. They sang “we could make a snow man.” In addition, I danced with them. There were 5 kids and I loved it. Then my grandma and grandpa’s and my dad’s friends Tammy, Bill, and Susan came over for dinner and I did something super funny. You’ll laugh when I tell you what I did… I took a nap. Haha oh yeah. It is funny because while people talked I decided to take a nap. What made that funny was that if you have people over do you sleep? Nope. That’s why it’s so funny!

On Monday, we went swimming in the pool and Jacuzzi and had lunch with an old friend of the family. It was Edythe. Then we were driving to the airport while listening to 89.5 classical south Florida on the radio and when we got to the airport, we had a huge problem. You see, we couldn’t get a wheelchair until we got our boarding pass. Then dad talked to the guard about what to do. Meanwhile, me and my grandma were on kind of like a golf cart. So we waited forever. Finally, 2 wheelchairs came and I was like “phew! I know phew!” On the plane, I listened to that pop piano station, only this time before the plane took off, there was a different piano station. It played Morning Has Broken, The Rainbow Connection, and All I Ask of You from les Miz by the great Andrew Lloyd Weber. Also, it played Clair de Lune by Debussy. (it starts with a quiet tune and then partway it has a strong theme and then it sounds like a harp in the water. It’s so peaceful!!!)

Tuesday when I got home, I went to the zoo and I saw RIO a 3d/4d movie and it was a really funny and fun movie. Before I got in, there was a sign and one part of it says ask assistance for close captioning because I didn’t understand what they said when I first saw it. It was like the Lion king movie. After that, the gate for the Camp Critter show was already open so after we saw that, while I rested, the chimes did something that I thought was weird, the chimes played deck the halls and frosty the snowmen.  

My favorite part of the trip was the pool because it was cool. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so fantastic. Although, I didn’t like the fact that I had to wait a long time for the wheelchairs. Boring!  Overall, my vacation was so fabulous. Next weekend I want to either see the Super Bowl or go to Seaport [Village]. I want to do one of these things because it will be so much fun.


With Grandma Marjorie and Grandpa Murray




With some new friends




At the beach



Weekend of January 17, 2014

My weekend was so fun. It started on Friday January 17, 2014. It was filled with great things like seeing Savi, horseback riding, going to the apple store in UTC , dancing, going to the zoo, going to  Mount Soledad, and SeaWorld.

On Friday, my friend Savi came over to my house. In fact, she did tap, contemporary, ballet and hip hop for me. I liked it so much.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout. Then we drove to UTC because my iPad didn’t charge well so when we got there, there was a worker who got the new charger. His name was Jonathan (like my cousin’s name) and he was super friendly. After that, I went over by the fountain and boy, was it beautiful. Then, I went over to the food court and I saw kids taking skating lessons. It was so cool, Tessa, I mean really that cool. Lastly, I went over to this store that had hardware and kitchen stuff for sale and one sink I saw had a cat on top.

Sunday, Chris, my nurse came and we went to the zoo. At the zoo we first headed to the children’s zoo to see a 3d/4d version of the most and popular movie, Rio. I loved it. After that we saw Camp Critter. It went so fast. Then, I looked around the children’s zoo and there were different tables at different locations. One area had bones of animals and the staff told me that one bone was of a bear. Like a fossil bear. Next, I went on the bus tour and there was a baby giraffe. Aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly, I was going to the carousel when Chris said, “Hey, do you want to ride it or go to Mount Soledad?” I said “Mount Soledad.” Chris thought, ”Ok fine…whatever.” So we drove to it and I have been there lots of times. After that I came home and played piano; I played Dream Echoes. Chris warmed up before she played Mahaska and a rag called the Western Rag I think.

Monday, I went to SeaWorld with Arlie. I saw part of the sea lion show. It was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I went to the rides, sky ride, Wild Artic, and Riptide Rescue. I also saw Blue Horizons where the sea meets the sky. Another show we went to was Pets Rule (in fact in Florida they have a SeaWorld too and their show is called “Pets Ahoy”.)

My favorite part of the weekend was SeaWorld because it was a fun and amazing visit. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all really awesome! Overall, my weekend was the best weekend ever! In 2 days, I am going on a long plane ride to Florida to visit my grandma and grandpa for the weekend. It will be nice. In Florida, I want to either go to a different SeaWorld or go to a museum. I want to do one of these things because you know what? It will be a fun trip.


Feeling shy with Shamu




Weekend of January 10, 2014

My weekend was so fantastic. It was filled with fun things and some of the things I did were see Bonnie, Savi, go to a Bar Mitzvah, go  horseback riding, go to friendship circle, and watch football.

On Friday, I saw Bonnie in La Jolla. We read a story about a boy who wants to buy some shoes. Then I saw Savi, my friend. She came over to my house you know, and I talked to her about how we had fun at the western friendship circle event last Sunday.  Suddenly, my iPad died so Savi did tap for me. I thought, “Man is she good or what?”

Saturday, I went to my friend Samantha’s brother, Evan’s Bar Mitzvah near the UTC mall with Rick and Lisa.  They had people in front of our seats that played music to accompany the singing. One guy, who played piano, was awesome. I loved his attitude and it was so good, that he even reminded me of Raul Di Blasio, another pianist I love. After the service, it was time for lunch.  Luckily, I saw my friends Samantha, Zoe, Bernie, and Hannah at the Bat Mitzvah. Then I went horseback riding on Scout in the afternoon, and not in the morning. Then I came home. In the evening, I saw The Lawrence Welk show on TV.

Sunday, Chris [nurse] came and we went to friendship circle. First we did yoga, then the kids split up and our group went to art and the other group went to music. In art, I drew a beautiful painting of when I was catching butterflies. In music, we sang songs about Tusibot [Tu B’Shevat], the next holiday which is about the trees. One song, we did was a game when one kid was in the middle of the circle and when the kid in the middle sat, everyone played their instrument quietly and when they started to stand up and grow (like a flower) everyone banged louder fortissimo so it was a crescendo. WOW THAT’S LOUD!!!!  Then an adult told a story about a man who was poor and wanted money. When I got home, Chris and I played piano.  I played the Valentine Masparade and Chris played some of Yarni’s music and Debussy’s Arabesque and Clair de Lune. Then I wanted to play Clue so we did and it was not the real game but it was a travel game. After, she read part of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Then I found a cd of it and when I put it in my DVD player, it read to me. I loved it so much. Lastly, when Chris went home, I watched football with my dad and it wasn’t good because Chargers were sleeping in the first half but in the second half they were doing great because they got 2 touchdowns. Wow! So I thought “hmm this is boring maybe l will play on my iPad.” So I did while my dad (feeling unlucky) saw the rest of the game and we LOST…SO WE ARE OUT! “Oh no! “I thought. I was extremely sad that I cried. I did that for a while.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Chargers because I liked when they got a touchdown. My least favorite part was the Chargers because they lost. Overall, my weekend was great because I did some things that were like a fantasy. Next weekend, I want to either go to Seaport Village, or try to go to a movie in the theaters. I want to do one of these things because boy will it be fun to try to actually go to a live movie instead of renting one?

Casey with Savi



Holiday break December 21, 2013 to January 5, 2014

I had 2 weeks off from school and it was fun. Some of the things I did were go to LEGOLAND, Seaworld, Boomers, etc…

On Monday, I went to LEGOLAND. It was cool  because I went in the snow area and met Lego Santa; he was so big and tall.  On the day of    Christmas Eve, Tuesday (the night before Christmas), I went to SeaWorld. I saw a new Pets Rule Christmas show. It was when the dogs made a snowman, got gifts, had a snowball fight and decorated. I also heard bells at that show.

On Christmas, I didn’t get out of bed till I think 10:30 am because I stayed home. In the afternoon I celebrated Christmas at Lisa and Rick’s house and it is a few blocks from my house so it’s close. I got some new clothes and I met some kids at their house.  One can do sign language and the other one, she sings in a jazz band at her school. Their names are Natalie and Katie.

After Christmas, I went to Arlie’s house and hung out with Ken and Erik. I saw Arlie’s cat named Bogart and I was so shocked.  He was so cute. Aw! When I saw Ken we first played a hand game, then I asked Ken, “can you play piano for me?” He said, “no thanks next time ok?” But I begged please finally he said,  “aw ok fine then.” So he played a Japanese song and I played symphony number 40 by Mozart, Habanera from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, and Merry We Go Along from Looney Tunes.

On Sunday, I went to the [model] Railroad museum which was very fun. I saw many trains even the smallest train you can think of. Once we got out of the museum, there were a couple of things we saw and did. And at almost every area, we donated money. There was a keyboard player that was playing classical music near the middle alley of the park near the plant area. And guess what, I played a little on her keyboard! There was a balloon man and I wanted a piano but he couldn’t make one. Instead, he made a cute horse, but the bad thing was we were sitting down when I grabbed my balloon and I stepped on it. Cindy [nurse] threw it away because it was broken. There was a cello player, a magic show, we went to the fountain, and saw a man who was making sounds on a long tube.  Funny to say it was so unusual, but I saw it once before. Unfortunately, I didn’t go on the carousel though yes I didn’t get scared. One more thing, I am glad I went.

On New Year’s Eve, I hung out with Hunter and Paul and Paul [actually Hunter] played piano. Then at around 8:30 pm I went in my room and when it was 9 pm I was so scared I couldn’t go to sleep. Once it was over [New York New Years], my dad came in and told me its 2014 so I was so relived phew.

On New Year’s Day, Natalie came and we listened to her music called Dreamgirls.  After New Year’s, I went to Balboa, Seaport, the Zoo and to Coronado. On Sunday, not only did I see Ms. Frizzle and watch football but I also went to this friendship circle  Western event. There was a band and some of the kids learned a line dance called Take It Home. It was so fun and I loved it. We saw a slideshow about the history of the Friendship Circle. Next, they had the buddies go onstage and they had gumballs in a container. All they had to do were pour them into a big tube for each hour they worked as volunteers. It was cool.  After that it was time for the raffle ticket winner so the Rabbi had me pick out 2 winners from the hat and Ellianna had one so he always called out 00403….sometimes 5…but my friend was so close. Maybe my friend was not lucky enough.

My favorite part of the break was the western celebration because it was so fun, but unfortunately I was so tired after.  My least favorite part was New Year’s because there were an early party at LEGOLAND for New Years at 5 pm but I didn’t have time to go. Plus I didn’t like the fact that we didn’t get a tree for Christmas. I always wanted one though so one of my goals for the New Year is to buy a Christmas tree and next December I will try to get one, then I will be happy. Overall my break was so awesome.

Next break I will go to Florida. In Florida, I want to either go to Boomers or go to Monkey Jungle. I also will go swimming and go to restaurants. I can’t wait for it. I want to do one of these things because I am super excited.

Next weekend I will go to Samantha’s brother’s Bar Mitzvah. I also want to get ready for my trip.


With Lego Santa


At Seaworld with the Nutcracker


With Emily at the the Friendship Circle western event