Sunday December 29, 2013

[No weekend journal as Casey is on holiday break from school, but she wrote this message to me today.]
My day was so busy but boy was it fun
The [model] Railroad museum was so fun. I saw many trains even the smallest train you can think of. And once we got out of the museum there’s a couple things we saw and did. And at almost every area, we donated money.
1. There was a keyboard player that was playing classical music near the middle alley of the park near the plant area. And guess what, I played a little on her keyboard.
2. There was a balloon man and I wanted a piano but he couldn’t make one. He instead made a cute horse, but the bad thing was  we were siting down when I grabbed my balloon and I stepped on it and [nurse] Cindy threw it away.
3. There was a cello player.
4.  There was a magic show.
Oh I forgot…
5. We went to the fountain.
Also there was a man who was making sounds on a long tube and funny to say it was so unusual, I saw it before once.
The bad things were
1.  I didn’t go on the carousel though.
And dad yes I didn’t get scared.
One more thing,
I glad I went and you would really enjoy seeing the railroad muesum because we love trains, woo choo, I think I can etc. remember the little engine that could.

One thought on “Sunday December 29, 2013

  1. Elizabeth Freed says:

    I grew up on the Little Engine that Could!! My mother thought it was a great lesson for life. I am very glad you had fun with Cindy and happy you did all those cool things!

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