Weekend of December 6, 2013

Hi all people,
Please relax and enjoy this journal I added some cool stuff you know!
Bye, Casey


Weekend Journal

My weekend was fun because I did some amazing things like see Bonnie, watch The Sound of Music Live with Carrie Underwood, go horseback riding, go   to the zoo, see the Croods, and go see The Little Mermaid.

Friday, I saw Bonnie [tutor]. I haven’t seen her in a while and I felt lonesome but when I saw her, I felt welcomed. We talked about Latin prefixes.  After that, I went home.

On Saturday, I went horseback riding on my horse named Mark which was so cute. I feel unsteady at  one point.  We went out for a little tiny trail ride to the barn. After my riding lesson, I fed my horse before it was time to go home. When my dad and I got home, I practiced my piano and drums. Next, I ate lunch (because I was hungry.) Then, I put the TV on and watched the Sound of Music and I started to realize that the nuns were even cuter than in the original film with Julie Andrews. Carrie Underwood, (As Maria,) was so talented and I heard the song, you are 16 going on 17. I loved it a lot but what was weird is that usually my favorite things are sung at the bed, but in the bedroom scene, the kids had to sing the Lonely goat herd song to stop the storm from coming instead of the puppet show in the old version. After the movie, I played Wheel of Fortune before my nurse Mary and a new nurse came who does not play piano. Her name I think was Pearl [Cindy!], so we hung out till we got ready to put on my pjs. After I rested, I saw the Lawrence Welk show which was about different people in the show, how they liked being on the show and enjoyed it.  After an hour you can pledge the show so say u need a disk for 120 you have to pledge a dollar or 2 amounts. I felt like I had values in me. Sunday, Chris my nurse came, (not my drum teacher Chris he he no!) so I exercised and got ready to go to the zoo. At the zoo, there was the Camp Critter show.  I felt cuddly. One part I liked was where the director said, and now coming in just 200 pounds Ahceatha the timber wolf.”After the show, I got settled in the area where the flamingos are because I had lunch, and then I wanted to go to hippo trail that winding trail towards the apes, and the monkeys. I tried to feel brave.  Then I went deeper and deeper into the Tiger trail, and we were almost lost but luckily, I found this elevator and when we were out of the elevator, there were no animals, so we went up the elevator again. After all that chaos, we went to the merry-go-round 2 times which was really fun because they had all these horses that I looked at.  I found one to ride on, yehaw! I was having a very very good time because I was riding on my horse buckaroo. There I felt like I am a wild woman.  Then I went home and at home, I saw the beginning of this funny movie called The Croods. It’s so funny. It made me feel so humorous.  Then I went to the JCC to see the Little Mermaid. I didn’t get scared. So good for me!  Before the show began, Flounder, came out and welcomed us to the show, and how he really wanted to thank people. He also said get a lightstick during the break at the lobby to help Eric kiss Ariel in kiss the girl. Also, I saw my friend Emily, who sat next to me in row C13.  Plus, after the show I met Ariel, some of her sisters, Prince Eric, and Ursula and took pictures.  I loved the show so much even prince Eric, and Ariel. It made me feel happy, not shy, but perhaps brave.

My favorite part of the weekend was seeing the  musical the Little Mermaid, because it was so fun. My least favorite part was nothing because my weekend was so sweet and not terrible not booboo…but it was busy and best of all, fun! Overall, I think my weekend was so fun and happy too. Next weekend I will go bowling with the friendship circle. I also want to play bowling on Wii, or see more of The Croods movie. I want to do one of these things because one, it is on my things I want to do and 2 because it will be a fantastic and fabulous weekend.



The Little Mermaid: Casey with Ariel and Ursula the sea witch


4 thoughts on “Weekend of December 6, 2013

  1. Patricia Storey says:

    I love reading your blog posts Casey! It is so amazing to see how much your writing has improved over the years. I can only imagine what lays in your future!!!!

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