Week of November 23, 2013 (Thanksgiving break)

Weekend Journal
My long long weekend was so fun. Some the things I did were see Tessa, go to Legoland, see friends, go to the zoo, go to the museum, had Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and read a book. 
On Monday, I had the breath test [to check digestion]. It took forever and ever. In fact, it took way too long. Luckily, I did well. After that I went to boomers and played Deal or No Deal with Arlie. It was wonderful! Then, I saw Carla [neurologist], who checked me.  
On Tuesday I saw Tessa. After that, I went to the zoo. OMG, it was so fun because I saw Camp Critter. There was a California sea lion, I like this part when the camp director says, “hey campers coming to the camp arena is …and this isn’t it, this is a dog… Welcome Achea the jaguar!” We moved on to the Children’s Zoo and there was another jaguar that was having a little walk. (I thought to myself “aww how cute!”)
Wednesday, I went to LEGOLAND and I went on the safari trek when you go in a car around a jungle to see animals like apes, flamingoes, even an elephant called Elpsy. Also I saw the view of the next area I like to call it the water works area. I also went into the Sea life aquarium. Usually there is a keeper show and kids can take a quiz but there wasn’t one that day. I wonder why? Huh. Anyways, that was Wed. oh I forgot Chanukah started that night.
On Thanksgiving Thursday, I was so nervous because at 7:30 am I told my nurse I was nervous. I told her because of the parade. So I didn’t see it. Instead while I exercised I saw my Leonard Bernstein movie on Young performers playing the “Carnival of the Animals”. (Like a zoo) I thought, you know what that orchestra is so talented. After that, I played my piano and drums. Then I played Wii fit. I got 3 first places 2 of them were hard to beat because it was the same score in 2nd and 3rd. Then at 2:15 Arlie came and I had a bath, and got ready for my company. Who came you ask? Well let me tell you: Mathew, Anne Marie, grandma, uncle Robert ,Macy the dog, Otis the dog, and Cooper the dog, my dad’s friend from swimming Kim, his daughter Kendra who is 12 years old and her dad. Oh and Arlie, me and my dad. That’s all. Those people came over to my house. All of the food my family had was , green bean dish, stuffing, turkey, pumpkin pie, salad, plus a cake. It was fun. Lastly, we had Chanukah and I got a shirt.
On Black Friday, I went to the Natural History Museum but when we got there, it started to rain so I stayed in the car for a little while. Once it was done we went inside and we saw a movie about the study of different dinosaurs that paleontologists found as fossils. I liked how in one part the people were digging deep and the mud seemed to come to your eyes. The movie which was called Dinosaurs Alive was a little boring but I liked it! Then I ate lunch ,and I walked up the stairs from the 2nd floor all the way to the 4th floor, and there was pretty neat stuff like pictures of deer. I also had Chanukah.  
Saturday morning I woke up, exercised, hung out, and at 11 I finished my thank you emails from my birthday. Then Elianna came and we played piano, talked and played the Dradyel game. Lastly, I went to Jaydon’s house on Duck Pond Road. We again did piano, and games like Uno which I won, blow out. And I saw Jaydon’s dogs, Brandy and Cody. Then I read a book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lastly, I did Chanukah.
Sunday, Michelle came and guess what we did you won’t believe it but…we went to again the Natural History Museum. Not again!!!! Yeah and it didn’t rain. We saw a cart filled of different rocks and fossil bones. Then we saw again the same movie I saw on Friday, Dinosaurs Alive 3d remember? I saw Mrs. Frizzle, rode carousel and went to the photo art place. When we got home we finished my book and did Chanukah.
My favorite part of the weekend was the museum, Chanukah, Legoland, and the zoo because it was all fun. My least favorite part was the merry-go-round because the 2nd time I didn’t want to get off. Also I didn’t like the parade because I didn’t get a chance to see it. Overall, my break was awesome dude because I had the most lovely break ever in my whole life. Next break, I want to either go to Seaworld or the safari park. I want to do one of these things because I think it will be a great winter break.Image
Casey with Chanukah necklace and earrings from Mom (from Portugal)

4 thoughts on “Week of November 23, 2013 (Thanksgiving break)

  1. Helen Cohen says:

    Casey, what a lovely necklace and earrings! They look so beautiful on you. I am happy to hear you had such a good Chanukah! Tonight, as I write this, I have just returned from celebrating the last night of the holiday at the home of Ellie. We (Jack and I) had a great dinner with all her family – Miki, Leah, and Asi- and friend Aya. Jack celebrated his birthday also.
    I really enjoy your blog!
    Lots of hugs from Jack and me,

  2. Hi,

    I kept trying to post a comment but wasn’t able to b/c I was getting a requirement to sign in to a wordpress account. When I used my sign in information I kept getting error messages. So, sorry I can’t seem to post something.

    What I was trying to say is that it sounds like you had a phenomenal break! Good for you. Glad to hear how much you do and all the things you are involved with that interest you. You’re an amazing young lady. Love, Aunt Julie

    BTW, please email me back or have dad do it and let me know this message got through to you. Thanks!!

  3. jay wolf schlossberg-cohen says:

    hey casey,

    wow. sounds like a wild holiday break! you have been to the museum and lego land so many times that i think they should hire you. if you need a letter of recommendation, let me know! thanks for another beautiful blog entry. give my love to your dad the family.

    love, uncle jay

  4. Hey Casey – I really like the necklace and earrings that your mom gave you for Hanukkah. So colorful and festive. Sounds like you’re keeping super busy as usual and you’ll soon be an expert on the Natural History Museum.

    Keep up the postings – I’m really enjoying them!


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