Weekend of November 8, 2013


Four day weekend journal

My four day weekend was fun. It was filled with awesome activities. Some of the things I did were see Bonnie, Tessa, SeaWorld, horseback riding, baseball, saw Jayden, see Lauren, go to the natural history museum, and go to LEGOLAND.

On Friday, I went to Tessa and we talked about the story, Thank you ma ‘am then at Bonnie I did a character analysis on Roger and I wrote an essay. After that, I went to SeaWorld, and I saw Blue Horizons , Pets Rule, and went on the ride, Wild Artic. It’s like star tours at Disneyland but they didn’t have a driver and it  was about a trip around the artic.  I also saw sharks, and turtles.

Saturday, I practiced baseball with my dad.  Then my dad had to go to Laguna art museum because my dad had to talk about art and nature. So I played piano till it was time to go to baseball. I played so well at baseball and piano. Then I came home, ate lunch and Jayden came. He showed me the piece he played for his recital that I missed last Sunday because of that concert. Then he played drums and I played with my new brushes.  Soon, we were setting up the Wii when Jayden had a drink of water, and he had to go home. Then Elizabeth and I played Just Dance 2014 on the Wii and we danced to Ghostbusters, In the Summertime, etc. After that, I got a bath. Soon my other nurse, Michelle came and I didn’t watch the Lawerence Welk show like I always do. Instead,I played animal crossing new leaf on my 3DS. After that I played Wheel of Fortune on Wii. Then I slept.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to the NAT [Natural History Museum] but my van was broken. My tummy hurt a lot, so I stayed home, from 8:00 till 11:30 because this man came and he was the dealer for the car and he showed me a picture of him at his keyboard. I said, “play piano inside I have one.” He said, “ sorry I can’t I have to fix the car”. It took forever so I practiced piano. Then ding, dad said, “we have to get new battery so we could get some or go to the NAT. I thought let’s try the NAT so we were so late in Ms. Frizzle but somehow I saw Katy and Ms. Frizzle who had a snake and I touched it.  Then we headed downstairs to look at the exhibit and one part had this lap run about what the day looked like 20000 years ago, with elephants. Then I went on the carousel 2 times. After that, I went home and Lauren came and we talked and played Animal Crossing on the Wii.

Monday, I first went to the [nursing] office to see my supervisor, and dropped off Arlie’s form from Maximum. Then I went to LEGOLAND and we went on Coastersaurous, the sky cruiser bike journey, the kids tower, we saw the fire show, I played with Legos at the Lego clubhouse, we went on this ship  and we got so wet. It was a pirate water ride. We also went on the dragon rollercoaster 1 time. Also, we went on project x, and the boat cruise.  I like one part where there are 2 Lego guys and when our boat came near them , the water sprayed and when we were near them , it  goes off. The Lego guys said, “turn off the water, I said turn off the water!”    “hello down there” “have a nice day. ”  After that, we headed to the sea life aquarium and we saw a huge crab. I touched a sea star and a sea cucumber.

My favorite part of the weekend was SeaWorld and LEGOLAND because it was so awesome. My least favorite part was the van not working because it was terrible. Overall, my weekend was so fun. Next weekend I want to either go shopping at UTC or get ready for Hanukah. I want to do one of these things because it will be so pleasant. 


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