Weekend of November 1, 2013


Weekend Journal

My weekend was fun because I did so many things. It started on Friday, November 1st, 2013 and was filled with awesome things. Some of the things I did were hang out with my friend Savi, go horseback riding, play baseball, go to the aquarium, and attend a symphony concert.

On Friday, I saw Bonnie. I didn’t read from the text book. Instead, we read a short story called Thank you Ms. Roger. After that, I went home. My friend, Savi came and I told her about Halloween. Finally, we danced. Saturday, I went horseback riding. Soon I went to baseball, which was in Coronado. We parked behind the football field and I played well. After baseball, I went home and played my music, and saw Matthew, my brother.

Sunday, Elizabeth, my nurse came and we went to the aquarium, which had a dive show. Then I touched a sea star, and a sea cucumber. After that, I ate lunch. Soon I got ready to go to this orchestra concert at UCSD called La Jolla Symphony and Chorus. In the program it said, ”November 3, 2013, Sometimes a Little Scary.” The first half was a pretty piece by Mozart. At that moment this flute player played strange music I haven’t heard before. “That’s some weird music” I thought. After the break, there was a suite by Belize [Berlioz] I think, which was a little scary because one part had loud drums boom, boom, and bang. It was crazy loud. The music made me so scared that I didn’t like it. Finally, we went home.

My favorite part of the weekend was the aquarium because I was calm. My last favorite part was the orchestra concert because one part was scary for Halloween. Overall, my weekend was ok.  Next weekend I want to either buy gifts for the holidays for the staff or hang out with some friends. I want to do one of these things because it will be really fun.


4 thoughts on “Weekend of November 1, 2013

  1. vincetta says:

    Casey, I love the title of your blog! You have a lot to say because your weekend is packed! I see why you wanted to sleep in. Please keep writing. It’s so fun to read about your weekend.

  2. jay wolf schlossberg-cohen says:

    hey casey, thanks for another interesting and insightful blog! it was great seeing you. liliana sends her love. have a great week. i miss you! love uncle jay

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