Weekend of October 28, 2013

My weekend started on Friday October 25th 2013. It was filled with
awesome actives like the Haunted Aquarium, horseback riding, baseball,
and the zoo.

On Friday, I went to the aquarium because every year there is a
Halloween festal called the Haunted Aquarium. Was it scary? No! It was
fun. I listened to this band that had 2 guitars, an  accordion, and
drums.  The band was called Billy Lee and the Swamp Creature.  There
were also games, goodies,   Bioluminescence, art craft, and this
pirate who has a talent of reading funny pirate books.  One story I
forgot the title was about a boy who is a private on this ship and the
funny part is at the end he says, “Sorry I have to go to soccer
practice.” Isn’t that funny!!!  Some of the costumes I saw were
Dorothy and people from the wizard of oz., people from star wars,
Taylor swift, and I think I saw a costume that looked like a doughnut.
I was a ballet dancer and I looked so cute.  I came home late so I was
so tired

Saturday, I went horseback riding. Then I went home and I played my
Halloween songs on piano for my dad’s friends. Then we took pictures.
After that they went home. After that, I then played drums and I then
saw my new Leonand Bernstein young’s people concert on my dad, then I
started writing thank you upstairs when I felt so tired my heart
pumped. I slept while my dad did thank you. I had a dream about these
men who is a do at Disneyland. When I woke up, I listened to Pandora
while I got in my costume because at baseball, the players, buddy and
coaches had costume so I was a ballerina twice in a row, and Mary my
nurse came and on the first hit I got a single. O the next hit, I hit
it but I went to first base waited for the last player batted and got
a homerun. Wow!

Sunday Michelle my new nurse came and she looked like you Linda, she
was so nice. Aww!!!!!!! Elizabeth also came because she taught her how
to take care of me while we went to the zoo. First, there was a keeper
talk and this parrot made sounds like hello, sang part of a song like
this, I left my heartttttt in san franccis…………………..ooooo!    Then he
demonstrated some animal sounds like a dog, woof!!  and a kitty meow
kitty kitty meow meow! And a tiger. Roar
roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! And a chicken! And a
character in Bugs Bunny or Looney tunes, Tweedy bird. Then we went on
the bears walk and heard the campo critter show so we went to it and
first there was campfire Dave and he sang some  zoo camp songs to get
in the mood like if you happy and you know it raise your trunk ,stomp
your feet shout horary do all three.  Then he taught the fans the
chorus of the song the lion sleep tonight aweeamawap aweweamawap on
the third verse Dave said, to us, “for the third verse we will do
something very special. Look, I am going to sing and you are going to
weamawap…  at the same time!”

Then Dave said, “Before we do this last song I want to know how many
of you been walking around and seeing animals so far? Now how many
animals have u seen

Kid 50, 53, 10,

A lot right well think about all the animals you seen so far and all
of the animals you are planning to see because in this next song we
have to come up with new animals name every time.  We can’t repeat a
name so say a kid says a hippo and another kid shout hippo  think of
another one because there so many animals to see at the zoo right?”

After the zoo I went on the carousel 2 times before I went home.

My favorite part of the weekend was the haunted aquarium because it
was so fun! My least favorite part was nothing because it was great!
Overall my weekend was mg it was fabulous.  Next weekend I will go to
the symphony concert. I also want to either go shopping at game stop
or go buy some clothes. I want to do one of these things because it
will be fantastic.


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