Weekend of June 15, 2018

My Father’s Day weekend was wonderful because I was with my Dad!


Saturday I went horseback riding. I did a course that had a maze. It was lively because the design that Gretchen, my riding teacher, made seemed like it was a water maze. It was a pole maze instead. After that, my dad and I went to a hike that was at Rancho Penasquitos canyon between Mira Mesa and 56 east. It was the most exciting hike ever because we saw a creek and horses following the trail!


On Father’s  day, I gave my dad the greatest card ever with a trophy that says Number 1 dad. He loved it a lot!


To celebrate Father’s Day, we went to Legoland, that’s right guys, Legoland! We went on the dragon ride, project x ride, Ninjago ride, the movie, the big boat ride, the motor boat ride, to Miniland and to the Sea Life aquarium. When I saw Pirate Reef ride from the bridge I wanted to try it but my dad did not want to at all! He was so scared because it drops after the coaster climbs a hill and you can get soaked! It was the best Father’s Day ever!


My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because it was so cool! My least favorite part was nothing because I did not want Father’s Day to end! Overall, my Father’s Day weekend was so awesome! Next weekend I want to either get a 4th of July shirt or get a summer purse because it will be the best summer weekend ever!



Weekend of June 8, 2018

My weekend was so exciting!                                  

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I did a figure 8 exercise very well! After that, I got ready to go to my cousin Joshua’s first birthday celebration. It was at an apartment complex next to UTC. It was an outdoor pool party! Joshua was still sleeping and we were all wondering why doesn’t he want to go to his own party? Finally he woke up and omg he was so so so cute as a one year old!


We swam in the pool and it felt good! There was a lot of food and people enjoyed the tasty food! When it was time for the cake, Joshua put the cake all over his face! Ha ha! Joshua’s birthday was so fun because Anne-Marie, Elinora, Matthew, Aunt Laurie, Grandma Rhoda, Barbara, Alison, Joshua, and Trevor were there.


In the afternoon at home my dad and I watched the Belmont Stakes which is the last triple crown horse race. Justify, our horse, won all three races for the 13th time in history!

Sunday, my dad and I went on a hike at Scripps Coastal Reserve. It was gorgeous because it had an amazing ocean view, like awesome! The walk was bumpy at one part. We did not get a break once so I was sweating!



I also saw Shari and took a photo with her finally!!!

IMG_3772My favorite part of the weekend was Joshua’s swimming extravaganza because I loved it so much! My least favorite was nothing because it was all wonderful! Next weekend I want to either go on a safari or go to a movie because it will be so amazing!


Weekend of June 1, 2018

My weekend was great!

Saturday I went horseback riding which was lovely, because my steering was awesome! I had gentle turns and I felt pretty good about it! After that, my dad and I went to the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista. We saw baby shark eggs while we watched the staff feed the sharks. It reminded me of when I used to collect them for a school project when I was little.


Also we saw eagles, snakes, lizards, and went on a nature hike which was so cool! On it the guide talked about how the area used to be a factory  for seaweed. The area that we walked on was like an desert/oasis. It was interesting because it was like a mini field trip!


Sunday morning I was so excited for my gig! My dad and I drove on the freeway I-5 south. I saw people running for the Rock and Roll Marathon, which I heard ended up being really fun! We took the airport exit and we went to the Little Italy area. We drove a while to find parking. When we finally parked, we walked 2 blocks and it was at the Music Box. Guess what? I played 3 of my 7 jazz band songs for Monday’s concert. I played 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago, a classic rock song from the 1970s, Blue Bossa, which is a classic Bossa Nova song from 1963, and No Problema, a funky song from 2001. I played well! The other songs I played in the concert are In a Mellow Tone from the 1950s, A Night in Tunisia, Chameleon, and Free Spirit.


[You can watch a video of one of the songs at https://youtu.be/OFfrj3kPDq8 ]

After I played, the teachers did their own version to a pop song I forgot who it is by or the name, but it’s a catchy song now on the radio. After that another band went up. Scott was the lead singer in his band and I knew their songs. One song that  I thought was great was Don’t Stop Believing by Journey from the 70s. I stayed 3 hours till the end when the teachers ended with a Tom Petty classic song from the 70s called Won’t Back Down. Whew! I felt peppy because of the songs they played! It was like disco!

On Monday night I had my jazz band concert. Two things were strange. First, I missed one song because I was choking, and second we played Free Spirit where Scott always plays the piano, but this year he played bass guitar which was special! My grandma and Uncle Robert  came. A good time was had by all!!!


[You can watch a video of the concert at https://youtu.be/uucKqUBbXd8 ]

My favorite part of the weekend was the gig because it was so great, rock on!!!! My least favorite part was nothing because overall, it was a perfect weekend! Next weekend, I want  to either tour UCSD, or go to Coronado, because it will be interesting besides Joshua’s first birthday celebration!


Memorial Day Weekend May 25, 2018

My Memorial Day weekend was stupendous!
Saturday I did not go horseback riding, but my Dad and I went to Marshalls to buy new clothes for Joshua’s 1st birthday celebration next Saturday. I felt great because I adored the clothes so much!


Sunday morning, my Dad and I went to the back side of Batiquitos Lagoon for a hike. I liked the jungle-like area because it was next to a golf course! I heard a good story, about when Shari and my Dad were at Lake Arrowhead and they went on a hike that they thought was 4 miles long. They got halfway around and it was already 3 miles. When they checked on the map it read 10 miles around the lake instead of 4 miles. That is way too long, so they went back.  I thought, “What a story… having to not finish the hike?” Midafternoon, we had a bbq with Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, cousin David, Aunt Laurie, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Ellinora, a friend of theirs, Shari, her dogs Tippi and Amare, and grandma’s friend Joyce. It was total chaos having so many dogs in my house!

Monday, Arlie and I went to the Safari Park. We saw some buffaloes, East African Crowned Crane, giraffes, lions, and rhinos. I liked it because this Memorial Day was like saluting the flag of the USA.    


My favorite part of the weekend was Batiquitos lagoon because it was like an island. My least favorite was not having horseback riding because to be honest, I miss it so badly!!!!!! Overall, My Memorial Day weekend was patriotic! Next Saturday I will go to Joshua’s first  birthday celebration and Sunday I will have my Jazz band gig!!!


Weekend of May 18, 2018

My weekend was so lively and exciting because I was with Uncle Jay.


Saturday, I went horseback riding which was great because I was riding with confidence. I felt lively because my horse had so much energy!  



After that I had my last baseball game for the season. This was my buddy Ellie’s last time as my buddy because she will go to college.


OMG, it was awesome because I got a homerun!!! While I was trying to hit, I was thinking what my dad said, “fast swing.”  There were a lot of people there. After the game, I got a trophy! I felt proud because I worked hard all season to earned that trophy!



I also watched the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and actress Megan Markle. Her dress was so pretty! It was lovely because the choir made me feel like there are angels around me.


Sunday, I exercised, did yoga, had lunch, and got ready to go to La Paloma Theater in Encinitas near Cottonwood Park with Shari to watch the movie Isle of Dogs. It made me feel loving because of the way the dogs talked in it! The dogs spoke English while the people spoke Japanese. It was living up the hype. In the movie, one dog was locked up. It was so funny! After that, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was nice because I love Mexican food although I can’t taste it!  It made me feel really relaxed because it was the end of my weekend!

My favorite part was when I went to the movie with Shari and Uncle Jay because my dad loved it! My least favorite was my last baseball game because I cried so hard! Overall, my weekend was perfect! Next weekend I want to either go look at homes to move to or go on a UCSD tour because it will be interesting!!!


Weekend of May 11, 2018

My weekend was so exciting because it was Mother’s Day weekend.

Saturday I went horseback riding and it was like a cowboy in the rodeo… Yeehaw partner! I did a hard course. I did so well! At baseball for my first hit I got up to bat and swung it for 7 times. For the second hit, I got a first pitch hit! I felt so happy because the people in the stands had vivid clothes and that was why I did awesome!


Sunday, my dad and I went on a hike on a new trail called the Coast to Crest Trail across from  the fairgrounds. It used to be a parking lot but now it is a pretty restoration area. You can see the I-5 freeway. It’s a really nice area because it reminded me of Hawaii.

At 4:30 pm, we went to Grandma’s house for a nice Mother’s day/birthday dinner with Riley the dog, Uncle Robert, and Uncle Steven. It was so nice because I love my grandma!!!! She’s 92 years old!!!!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was with grandma, because it was so lovely! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so fantastic! Overall, I had a swell Mother’s day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow Uncle Jay will come on his real birthday! Next weekend, I want to either take a tour of UCSD or go on a nice boat ride because it will be really great! At noon I will have my last baseball game!