Weekend of January 11, 2019

My weekend was so cool!

Friday, it was Heather’s events. First we played hot potato at Carmel Knolls Park. It was so fun because it was her idea. Then we went shopping at Vons and I bought chex the cereal and some fruit. After that, we had pizza for lunch.


Saturday I rode Boss, my [fake] horse. Then, I went to Gamestop to buy Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story +  Bowser’s Jr. Journey. Then I went to the Auto Club in Del Mar to get my passport photo taken. It was easy!


Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars late. The kids danced to One Day and other Jewish songs. It was so exciting! In the afternoon my cousin Allison Forrest came over with Aunt Laurie for a hang out.

My favorite part of the weekend was the passport photo because I did so well! My least favorite was when my eyes were dimmed after my bath. Overall, my weekend was so wonderful! Next weekend, since it’s Martin Luther King weekend I want to go to Legoland so badly!


Weekend of January 4, 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

My weekend was the best because it was the first weekend of 2019!  

Saturday, I exchanged a shirt because the old one was too large. Jane, my dad, and I went to the store Daisy Blue in the Del Mar Highlands mall. The new shirt is so cute!


For lunch, we went to Jane’s house. After lunch we took a tractor ride in the canyon. The canyon was like a forest!  We finished the tractor early and went home because it started to rain.


Sunday, Mary, my nice nurse, and I went to the Birch Aquarium. We watched the dive show, and it was cool. We learned about how to save the kelp forest. Then we read all the signs even about the seahorses. We went home for lunch. At 2 pm, my dad and I went to the Chabad of University City for yoga. For yoga we did tree poses, warrior, balancing, breathing, and shavasana! We also did music. We sang  songs about Tu Bishuvot, the birthday of the trees that is in 2 weeks. One song was about growing a tree like in the garden. The music teacher played her flute. I loved it because it was like a wild and crazy bird!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was the tractor ride because it was like on a farm. I did not like the fact that it was so so so cold in Del Sur that I wore mittens, hat, and layers of jackets.


Overall, my weekend was so really awesome! In April or May, I will go to Hawaii to celebrate spring. Next weekend, I want to either look for wild bears, or find reindeers to hang out with because it will be interesting!


New Years Eve December 31, 2018

Today is New Years Eve!

My week was so nice!  

Last Wednesday I watched the funniest movie, The Second Act. It was about this woman named Maya who is single. She is working as an assistant supermarket manager. Since she did not finish college, she worked there for 15 years. She was not satisfied working with her boss. Her friends encouraged her to find a more satisfying job. They managed to make her a fake resume that landed her a prestigious job. The funniest part was when Maya as Jennifer Lopez waved to people while she’s quitting her supermarket job and then she tripped over the counter. So funny!!!!!!

Thursday, I went to Dennys with the group. It was so enjoyable because Dennys was a hangout place.

Friday, I went to Balboa Park with the group because they had food trucks. They had pizza, sushi, even wine. I went to the Botanical Garden. The lily pond was so restful because of the live music! I also went to the Museum of Photography. They had old photos of Mary, Jesus’s mother.     


Saturday, I went to Geppetto the toy store to buy a gift for Ellinora’s 3rd birthday. We bought her Mighty Mind which is a puzzle game for ages 3 to 8. You have a pattern card and you match the card with the shapes. So if you have 3 triangles, a square, and a circle you use the shapes to match the pattern!

Sunday, my dad and I went to Evergreen Nursery to look for a Polygala plant for my dad’s front porch. At night we had a family dinner for Ellinora’s 3rd birthday. During the cake presentation, we used finger puppets to sing happy birthday.


My family were there: Matthew, Anne-Marie, birthday girl Ellinora, cousin David, Bob and Julie, Rick, Lisa, Grandma Rhoda, and Jane.  


My favorite part of the week was Ellinora’s birthday dinner and the movie because it was hilarious! Tonight is New Years eve. I will not watch the ball drop in Times Square New York at 9 pm PT on TV because I will be snoring.

Happy New Year 2019 everyone!


Weekend of December 21, 2018

My week/weekend was jolly because it was the holiday weekend!

Friday, we dropped off the cookies at Maxim’s office before we went to the mall in Carlsbad. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas there.


At night, we had a family dinner with Eric, my brother, Sophia my new niece, Theo my nephew, Alex, my sister in law, great grandma GG, and Jane, with my dad. Sophia was so cute like an angel. Eric gave me 3 books and 2 of them are classic Jewish joke books. One of the jokes in the cab driver book is about this class, Ernie this kid is sitting at the back. The teacher says, “Lets play a game! When I describe something and you guess it ok?” so she describes a tomato and a grapefruit. Ernie says, I want to describe something back to you. Teacher decided that’s good. He says, “Its long and has a pink tip.”   Teacher says, Ernie that’s disgusting!” Ernie says, “it’s a pencil but I am glad what you’re thinking.” Its funny because teacher is describing fruits and all of a sudden this kid is describing a pencil.


When I read those jokes I laughed a lot, but my goal in 2019 will be to laugh more. The third book was Someday a Bird Will Poop on You!  It is about how someday a little bird will poop on you and how you will react to it; it happened to Jane at the zoo.

Saturday, I helped decorate the tree during horseback riding. It was really joyful! Then in the afternoon, I had a dance lesson, reviewing those 2 dances. It was so grand because I will have a recital soon.

Sunday, I did yoga, hung out at home, and  had a BBQ dinner at Bob and Julie’s house. They had a huge Christmas tree. They had pretty decorations. I was so tired that I had a headache. Jane, my side of the family,  plus Eric’s side of the family came.


Monday, it was Christmas Eve day. Arlie and I watched Mary Poppins Return. It was about the Bank’s family the kids are named, Annabel, John and Georgie, the parents are named Jane and Michael, Jack is the new Bert, and of course there’s the protagonist person Mary Poppins. It was magical because of the way she reacts to things. I liked when Mary Poppins turned on the water to a bathtub and magically landed underwater, even the penguins were outstanding! It was so funny. At night my dad, Jane, and I went to Christmas Card Lane in Rancho Penasquitos. They had wonderful decors for the night like a sign that says, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Every house except those that are Jewish had lights. They had Santa Claus. Goodbye Christmas card Lane! After that we had a nice dinner at Jane’s house.

On Christmas day, I saw Ken. I was so happy to see him. We watched 2 movies. The Polar Express was about the true spirit of Christmas. The other movie was called Forest of Piano. Forest of Piano is an anime. An anime is a Japanese animated  cartoon. It was about a kid named Kai who played piano in the forest, but during a competition he played for the normal round then he stopped in the middle. After his performance, he got 6 zeros. His number was not there. I thought to myself, “how can he get 6 zeros?” He did not make it to the finals. I did not finish it. It is a series of episodes. I wonder if maybe at the Chopin competition he will get his number back and win.


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Ken because I missed him a lot! Overall, my 5 day weekend was fantastic!



Weekend of December 14, 2018

My weekend was awesome!

Friday, my group went to the Zoo. We rode the bus and saw elephants, monkeys, flamingos, even snakes, reptiles, polar  bears, okapies, lions, mountain lions, tigers and part of African Rocks. Don’t forget, we also rode the Skyfari.

Saturday, during horseback riding, I did a unique course. It was like sledding across the snow!!! After that, we went to the library of Carmel Valley because my dad bought a book of native plants of California because he wants to make our garden at our house  more beautiful! In the afternoon, Elle came for a dance lesson. You might think, “Why a dance lesson a week before Christmas? Did we dance to Nutcracker, because we always do?” Nope! We reviewed the 2 dances for my recital in a couple of weeks. I do Adore, which has a part about snow,  and the dance named How Did I Get Here? The dance about robots in her show at Canyon Crest Academy. Elle is an engineer and makes robots and the choreography for the dancers. It’s a weird song because it’s modern. I like it!


Sunday, at 11:00 a.m. Jane, my dad’s girlfriend, my Dad, and I went to Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park for a walking tour. Leo Carrillo was an actor and he was born in Old Town San Diego in the 1850s and we went to see where he lived. He played Pancho in the comedy TV show the Cisco Kid. My favorite part was at the end when we went into the stables and saw the bunk beds like sleepaway camp. It was so interesting and cool because Leo was a great man! Leo died of cancer in 1961. He owned part of San Diego, LA, and Coronado. We also saw Christmas decorations.


My favorite part of the weekend was the ranch house because I loved it so much that I might let my group go to it. The tour is only on the weekend. My least favorite part of the weekend was when I was still coughing a little! Overall, my weekend was so perfect! Next weekend, I will go to Poway to see the Christmas lights. On Christmas day, I will go to Arlie’s house to see her tree! I love this time of year because of the decorations and the music, not the shopping!!!! Its crazy!


Weekend of December 7, 2018

My weekend was part great, and part annoying.

Friday after Bonnie, I went to Fashion Valley Mall and there was festive stuff like a Christmas tree. In the afternoon, I had my makeup done because that night I will be going  to the orchestra rehearsal with my dad.


We arrived home and got ready for the orchestra with my makeup on. At the concert, I heard the violin concerto by Florence Price and it was so good. I got so tired that we left after that.

Saturday I had a barn lesson. I rode Boss and painted Hollywood my horse with chalk. After that, I got so weak feeling like I have a cold. That was annoying because I needed to rest because I did not feel good.


Sunday, I had been coughing a lot but I handled it to go to the Zoo with Arlie. I saw the Christmas decorations and elephants, flamingos, and honey badgers. We rode on the bus tours and the highlight was that the polar bear was awake and active. We left early because I needed to rest again because that night will be the last night of Hanukkah!


At the house my dad was preparing for family dinner and get together. Ellinora came with big news that next July she will have a new baby sister, either a girl or a boy. For my Hannukah gift I got Jewish old maid card game from grandma, a Christmas globe from Jane, and a gift card to have my mani and pedi done. I also received Hanukkah gift from Arlie a movie gift card, socks and lots of earrings, From Alison, I received a very beautiful sweater, a cute pink backpack purse, and a Frozen movie DVD from dad.


My favorite part of the weekend was Hannukah because of all my gifts and family togetherness. I did not like the fact that I had a cold because it was terrible. Overall, my weekend was ok. Next weekend since I still have a cold I must rest more because it’s chilly making me have a cold.  Wintertime chilly.


Weekend of November 30, 2018

My weekend was awesome!

Friday after Bonnie, my group went bowling in Mira Mesa. Lisa and I played and I got a strike! But it was a close game because I lost… but it was still fun!   

Saturday, I had a barn lesson on Boss, the mechanical horse. I did posting when you go up and down, up and down from the saddle.  Most riders can do it on the trot and they can sit the trot. I sit the trot and I post on the walk.


After that I went to the Museum of Making Music. They had the history of music from the 1800s to the 1980s. I saw saxophones, brass instruments, woodwinds,    strings, keyboards, and even a steel guitar. I also played on their keyboard and their drums. It was so exciting!


Sunday morning my dad and I  went to Home Depot because there was a Friendship Circle event of making a menorah for Hanukkah. It was so wonderful because my buddy painted the base red and the rest yellow!


At night we went to Jane’s house in Del Sur for Hanukkah dinner, and seeing the holiday’s lights. One house we saw had flashing lights. For Hanukkah, June, Jane’s sister who was not there, gave me some cute socks!


My favorite part of the weekend was the lights because it was magical! My least favorite part was nothing! Overall, my weekend was wonderful! Next weekend I will have a grand finale Hanukkah dinner. I also want to either go see the Balboa Park holiday lights or see the Polar Express movie because it will be a fun way to celebrate the holiday season.