Weekend of December 8, 2017

Friday in class, we watched a thigh-slapping movie. It was called the Santa Clause movie about a boy named Charlie, who always thinks his dad is Santa who flies all over the world delivering gifts to kids on Christmas eve.  Finally, they made a decision that he’s not Santa but later he had a beard and gained weight and pretended to be Santa Clause.   

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I did great. I also checked out the rest of Santa Clause movie and in the end, he really was Santa Clause. Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! It was so funny because the dad was so talkative.

Sunday, I went to the Zoo. Michelle and I headed off to the bus ride and saw giraffes, hippos, birds, lions, camels, rhinos, zebras, koalas, and condors. The driver did not mention how to tell the difference between Asian and African elephants.

At  5:15 pm, my dad and I drove to the California Center of the Arts to see Elle, my dance friend [and teacher] and others perform The Nutcracker. Going to and from the theater was like Hogwarts, because it was an alley of walkways, and I walked quickly. We got to the lobby and our seats on our tickets were K33-34. First we went to the 2nd floor but the seats were at the bottom floor. So, we went down 2 floors and the first room had stairs and the next room had our seats. Elle’s dad came by to sit with us in that row. There were 8 levels for other people to sit and enjoy seeing the Nutcracker. Elle was leader of the snow fairies. The Nutcracker did not have any solos. It was only Clara, Elle, the group, sugar plum fairy and her partner. It was like angels singing at Christmastime in the church. It was so inspiring because Elle’s dad sat next to my dad and me. I thought, “Well done, well done!”  


My favorite part of the weekend was The Nutcracker because it was a Christmas spectacular! I did not have a least favorite part because overall, it was the best weekend ever! Tomorrow is Hanukkah so I want a toy with legs like a jellyfish or 5 gold rings for my room. Next weekend, I want to either get my powerpoint ready for my graduation, or go see holiday lights near LCC because it will be the best Pre Holiday weekend ever!!!



Weekend of December 1, 2017

My weekend was fantastic! I had my horse show, saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes, went to Shooting Stars, had a dance lesson, and had Karate.


Saturday, I had my horse show at Helen Woodward. I did great on my routine. I got a ribbon and a blanket to match! The theme was winter wonderland. It was so jolly because they played Christmas and Hanukkah music.


In the afternoon, I turned on Netflix and watched the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes! One part I liked was when the rockettes danced like toy soldiers. Another part I really enjoyed was when these kids read a story about the history of the holiday. It was about how the 3 kings had gifts for Jesus. The gifts are Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense, and Joseph and Mary had Jesus in a manger. I thought, no wonder it is a special and magical holiday.

Sunday, my new nurse Kim and I went to Shooting Stars where I had 2 awesome buddies! One was a girl named Joy and the other one was a boy named Zachary.


First we had our makeup done.


Then we played a game where we sat in chairs in a circle and someone goes in the middle and says, if you are wearing pink,  stand up and sit in another chair or if you like chocolate ice cream, find another seat. Next, we made a card for Sara who is in the hospital. Finally, we played Simon Says which was so mind blowing because the kids were having fun sitting down, standing up, down, up, turn in a circle, down, up, down, up, down… phew. We were so worn out.

When I was home, Kim and I played a memory Hanukkah game that was so hard because I could not locate some of the cards that matched. At 3:30pm, ding dong, Elle came for my dance lesson and we did mostly ballet. We did plie, tondus, rong de Jong, Pekes, and danced to the sugar plum fairy variation from Tchaikovsky’s ballet the Nutcracker. She was telling me about how the sugar plum fairy is the main queen who guarded the palace. I told her that in another version, Barbie Nutcracker, a fairy led Clara to a swing and the swing led them to the palace.


That night I went to Karate and my sensei, teacher, first had us warmup and then practice weapons demonstration with these nunchucks like on the wii. He said-mentioned you have to perform in the show for the gala in order to keep your nunchucks. The Gala is at 6 pm but our practice is at 5 pm on January 7th, 2018.  

My favorite part of my weekend was when I had my horse show because it was amazing! My least favorite was nothing because I had a wonderful pre-holiday weekend. Overall, my weekend was stupendous! Next weekend, I want to either drive to Northern California to see snow, or prepare for the holidays. I want to do one of these things because it will be terrific!



Thanksgiving Week of November 17, 2017

My thanksgiving break was great!

During the weekend, it was Saturday and I went horseback riding. I practiced for the horse show which will be the following Saturday. The course went like a song that you might know, “Over the river, through the woods and across the snow, to grandmother’s house we go.” The theme will be winter wonderland. Ooh! After that we went to grandma’s house. I asked her to tell me a story about her life. She explained to me about when she learned to sing, she was in a show, and how Bob and Joan met. I thought, that was my mom? No way!!! Because of that, my grandma was a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend to me because she taught me what I did not know.


Sunday, I went to the Safari Park. First there was a baby cheetah and she was 6 weeks old and then, we went to the tram. Michelle and I  saw some zebras, giraffes, and there was a wedding nearby so that was so neat. I did not go to it, but I saw where it was happening; across this lake. Then we saw a free flighting bird show and all these birds were flying like an airplane and one almost smacked my head. It was amazing!    

During the week off from school, I went to the doctor. The doctor said I need more calories. The next day, the dentist cleaned my teeth. After that, I went to CVS and UTC.

The next day, at the Zoo, I saw hippos, tigers, giraffes, condors, elephants, birds, zebras and a mountain lion. I spent time with my family for Thanksgiving at Bob and Julie’s house. Friday, I watched 2 movies; Coco and Star. I liked Coco because it was about loving music. Star was about the story of baby Jesus. On the weekend, I went to the aquarium with baby Theo.


My favorite part of the weekend/week was being with family because I love this time of year.


I did not enjoy the doctor visit because it was boring! Overall, my weekend was so great! Next break, I want to either go caroling, singing songs out of my new carol book from school, or create a house a snowy/wintery house. I want to do it because it will be a wonderful 2017-2018 break!


Weekend of November 10, 2017

My weekend was so fantastic! I hung out with my Uncle Ron by going to Souplantation and the Aquarium, I saw a new movie called Lego Ninjago, went horseback riding, had my last baseball game for the season, and had a family dinner.

Thursday night, I went to Souplantation with my Uncle Ron. It was so great because I was with Uncle Ron who has a lot of energy and is fun to be around.


Friday, I first went to the aquarium. Arlie and I did not see Ron and Dad. I thought, “hmm where are they?” It’s a mystery. Five minutes later and they weren’t there. Thirty five minutes later….nope. Finally, they were in the Infinity Cube so we got there and the bioluminescence was glowing. So cool!   Ellinora was there too. Then after lunch, we went to the Poway AMC. Arlie and I watched the Lego Ninjago movie and it was so funny. There was a funny, cute cat in it. I loved it a lot because it had a good message. The movie was about forgiving your sins and loving your son/daughter and your mom/dad.

Saturday, I had horseback riding, which was great! After that, I got ready because it was my last baseball game for the season and after my first hit, we were in the outfield and I was being emotional, because I thought “Boo hoo, this is it? My last hit??  Wah uh  boohoo boohoo.!!! I was crying so hard like cats and dogs. My dad comforted me, “it’s ok,” he said. So I did great both times but I was crying because even though I was happy about the last championship baseball game, I was also so upset.  After my game, I got my baseball trophy!


Sunday, I stayed home because there was no nurse. Uncle Ron brought some of our old family movies from the 1950s. My dad and I saw it and my dad was so cute as a baby. He had birds hanging from his crib. At night, my family dinner made me feel happy. It was fabulous, because I was with my best family ever!

My favorite part of the weekend was the family dinner and the movie because it was both fun and happy! I did not like the fact that I was miserable before my last hit at the baseball game. Overall, my weekend was so terrific! Next break, I want to try a different sport or go skiing for Thanksgiving break because it will be super turkeytastic!


Weekend of November 3, 2017

My weekend was amazing! I went to the young people’s concert played by the orchestra, did horseback riding, played baseball, went to Shooting Stars, had a dance lesson, and got a yellow belt in Karate.

Friday, my dad and I went to the orchestra concert. It was a young people’s concert which is a lecture for kids about the music. The first piece was called  an American in Paris and the music was about being in Paris. Besides one can hear a unique part of the percussion in the orchestra imitating cars beeping and honking and one part was peppy. The very last piece the conductor talked about was that it’s a piano concerto called Rhapsody in Blue. The pianist was like Stevie Wonder. It was so stupendous!!! The pieces were both by George Gershwin.       


Saturday, I had horseback riding and it was really nice. I rode Hollywood and I did a course in under 1 min 32 seconds compared to 1 min 45 seconds. At baseball, I thought, “Come on I can hit better than that. Uh yes, but why did I walk that slow going to home plate?” My dad was so mad at me because I threw my bat on the floor. I did not hit the ball. Urgh, but then I did awesomely great the second time. I got a grand slam home run! My coach, dad, and my buddy were so proud of me!

Sunday was the most fun day. I first had Shooting Stars. Jessie my buddy drew  a block letter C and then she and I tied a long lace around the letter like a chain. Then we danced to Sky Filled of Stars by Coldplay. At 3:30 pm at home, I had dance with Elle. We did pliies, tondu, Roung de Jong, and fondus. We lastly danced to the snowflakes dance from the Nutcracker, which is a story seen at Christmas time about a girl named Clara. It’s a great ballet. After that, I got ready for Karate. We rehearsed the things for the yellow belt and at 6 pm there was an important yellow belt test. So I thought “ok front kick. I passed that. Form…Tiger in a cage and bow step 1…step 2.. step 3…tiger in a cage and bow. A+!!!” I even broke a  pretend board! My sensei was so proud of me because I got a yellow belt. Hooray! But the bad part was my dad forgot my certificate…  


My favorite part of the weekend was when I got my yellow belt because to me, it meant that I am more powerful than before, even with my brothers Matthew and Eric and my dad supporting me, thanks for thinking of me.


My least favorite part was when I forgot my certificate because I don’t know what happened! Overall, my weekend was very good. Tomorrow, my uncle Ron will come from NY for a conference. Next weekend, I want to make a project about what my grandparents fought for during WW2 or visit my mom’s grave because it will be a wonderful 3 day Veteran’s weekend!   


Weekend of October 25, 2017

My weekend was so great! I went horseback riding, played baseball, went to the zoo, and went shopping.

Saturday, I wore my tie from my Halloween costume for horseback riding, only because my dad said, “The robe isn’t necessary because it might not feel good on Hollywood’s back.” I rode my horse, Hollywood, for 30 minutes.

Casey & Pumpkin

After horseback riding, I wore my entire Harry Potter costume for baseball. Everyone on my baseball team wore their Halloween costumes. My costume ruled! I also loved the other costumes that other baseball teams had. There was someone as the Mad Hatter. My buddy Ellie wore a bunny costume.


There were other costumes I saw like a zombie, superman, even a panda costume. It was so cool girl!    


[With celebrity pitcher Brad Asmus, former MLB catcher and manager of the Detroit Tigers.]

Sunday morning, my new nurse Michelle and I went to the zoo.  We saw swamp monkeys, a tiger, lions, elephants, primates, giraffes, koalas, and cheetahs. Also, we saw a new 4D movie that was about a family who goes on a ride filled with ghosts, which was also a rollercoaster. Woah I thought, because the rollercoaster was crazy!  At 12:30 PM,  I decided to leave to go home. At home, Michelle painted my nails and then around 3:30 PM, my dad and I met Alison and Baby Joshua to go shopping at Macy’s in UTC. I held baby Joshua. He was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


[Do you think Baby Joshua looks like his mom did when she was a baby?]

I bought some shirts and some pants at Justice. My clothes I received for my birthday were too big, so I exchanged them. So darling! I played my new game in between. It is called Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and Bowser’s Minions.

My favorite part of the weekend was when I wore my costume because I was the coolest Gryffindor ever! My least favorite was nothing because overall it was a Halloweentastic weekend! On Tuesday, I will go trick or treating. Next weekend, I want to go to the Safari Park because it will be so fun!!!!




Birthday Weekend October 19, 2017

My birthday weekend started on Thursday, Oct 19th, 2017.  It consisted of going to Crust Pizzeria for lunch, eating at Souplantation, horseback riding, playing baseball, attending a fall festival, going to Haunted Aquarium, getting my hair and makeup done, and having a family dinner.

Thursday, I went to Crust Pizzeria because it was my 22nd birthday! I love pizza so I thought why not have a nice lunch there, so we did.  Lorena, Arlie, and Vanessa ordered a beet salad and a Stephine pizza.


After that, we walked in the park and

  1. It was so terrible because I fell.
  2. It was funny because Lorena was showing off her fantastic dance moves.
  3. None.

The answer is 2.


At night we went to Souplantation with my family.


Friday, we did not celebrate my birthday much. After school, I hung out with Rosalinda and we watched tv.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and played baseball. They were similar because:

  1. They had special celebrity players who wished me happy birthday
  2. People sang happy birthday to me

It was 2!

I also went to a fall festival with my Dad next to the baseball field. It was so cool like a 70s party because they had a wheel that you spin and a beanbag toss that was beyond my imagination. At night, I went to the Haunted Aquarium and it got us into the spirit of Halloween. They had a swamp critter band, some stingrays on display, a slime area, many areas for getting candy, lots of costumes, and a bioluminescence area. Ellinora, my niece, was there with Matthew and Anne-Marie. We left at the same time as she did.


Sunday, at 12:45 pm Aunt Laurie, grandma, my new nurse Michele, and I went to have my hair done, in Del Mar Highlands shopping center at Dry Bar. Omg this lady curled my hair and it was so pretty!


Next, to get ready for my birthday dinner, I went to to the new Nordstrom to have my makeup done. It was so lovely.


Lastly, that night I had a wonderful birthday dinner at home because my niece was as cute as a button. During the birthday dinner, I said, “This dinner is dedicated to my mom!” Dinner was so great because they had so much food! When it was time for cake… “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Casey, Happy Birthday to you!”… I blew out the candle on a chocolate cake. My gifts were muffin soap for my bath, clothes, a necklace, and music. At the end of the week I will get a new game called Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga & Bowser’s Minions.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I had my hair and makeup done because it was so so exciting! I did not have a least favorite part. Overall, my birthday weekend was so fantastic because it was dedicated to my mom! Next weekend, I want to either take an indoor hike, or go golfing because it will be so awesome!